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Marco Ramelli

I met Marco Ramelli in 2015, and since the very beginning I have had the opportunity to appreciate his quality both as a musician and as a person. I had never composed anything for classical guitar before, and I was actually suspicious about the opportunity that such an instrument would offer. I was therefore really surprised to hear the beautiful, warm and intimate sound of his guitar, which made me literally change my opinion on it. Thus, we started a collaboration that led me to compose a piece dedicated to him: 'In absentia essentia'. This piece combines lightness and spontaneity of musical gesture with both technical and structural complexities.

Marco helped me become more aware of guitar's resources, encouraging me to explore (and force) its possibilities; he suggested a different tuning of the strings and edited some difficult passages for the instrument.


The great and interesting collaboration encouraged me to work with Marco again, this time on an electroacoustic piece: Ramelliana. Thus, I recorded new sounds of his voice and guitar, tap water, involving also Ana Rodriguez Garcia with the bassoon. Ramelliana takes just a few fragments from In absentia essentia, like echoes that determine, however, the form of the piece.



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